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Yoga Classes in Rishikesh

hatha yoga teacher in rishikesh

Hatha Yoga Class

The most ancient form of yoga called Hatha Yoga which helps you to create a balance by bringing sun and moon energies. Mediation and various yoga poses enhance the capabilities to focus and develop stability in the body. All in all, it basically affects the mind, helps to remove stress and make a perfect balance.
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ashtanga yoga teacher in rishikesh

Ashtanga Yoga Class

When postures and poses, breathing techniques, mental exercises, meditation, and lifestyle choices amalgamate and evaluate the mind control, peace, and happiness in life. Under the guidance of best yoga teacher in Rishikesh, unfold the benefits of Ashtanga Yoga, eight-limbed art, while enjoying the natural beauty.
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yoga retreat classes in rishikesh

Yoga Retreat in Rishikesh

Take a break from everyday life, learn and practice the yoga while enjoying natural beauty and adventures activities; for yoga classes and practices. With yoga classes, yogic philosophy classes, meditation session, yog nidras, and more, we will help you to revitalize your energy and give a perfect yoga retreat in Rishikesh.
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Rishikesh The Yoga Capital

Rishikesh is known as the capital city of yoga in the world canvas, yogic activities are here in the air. From yoga practices (in various form) to meditation and other retreats activities make it popular among yoga practitioners.
Bank of holy river Ganga and foothills of Himalaya are also the prime attraction for yoga and meditation aspirants. yogacapitalrishikesh.com prime yoga school that include all major yoga styles and over along with retreats activities. Knowledgeable teachers and suitable course content with best yogic food and lodging are key to our success.
All details about yoga training, availability, price options, accommodation, and booking conditions are conveniently arranged at one place and booking options are easily available on our website. You can contact our executives directly with questions or simply go ahead and make an online reservation.

Yogic Aspects
Yoga is a style of living that touches different levels of a human being.


Breathing consciously is the essence of yoga. It is having an effect on the physical, mental, emotional and subtle body.


Asanas help to length and stretch the muscles of the body.

Strength & Stamina

Asanas strength and tone the entire body and improve your endurance because it increases stamina on a physical and mental level.


Through asanas and breathing the body and mind get balance.


Asanas help to have a healthy body and help you to not collect stress and tension. Stillness in the body is one of the main goal of yoga.

Mind and focus

Through the practice of yoga, meditation and pranayama the mind gets more focus and clear. A regular practice can help you to develop a conscious mind and a focus life which helps you to stay in the present moment.
OUR Valuable Team
Pramod Bhadola
Hatha Yoga Teacher

Pramod Bhadola has been involved in various physical activities since his childhood, inspired by his father. 7 years ago, he met Swami Ji who inspired him to the spiritual path of yoga. Since then, he has begun to learn Asanas, read books on yoga, spirituality and spend time with Swami Ji to learn about life and philosophy. A few years later, he pursued his dream and began his studies at the Yoga University and completed 200 hours of training as a yoga teacher in Rishikesh, the world's yoga capital.

He spent most of his time studying Hatha, Ashtanga and Iyengar to make yoga available to the individual needs of each group and for all levels. He is now an inspiration and teaches the benefits of practice to improve wellness and commit to long-term health goals. He is now continuing his learning process.

Lotus Yogini
Hatha Yoga Teacher

Best known Lotus Yogini, Aurélie Lauzon-Robinson has been active since her childhood. At the age of 10, she started practicing gymnastic and ballet dancing for many years. Living of her passion, she is an adventure globe trotter, an elementary teacher and a Thai yoga teacher. After living so much stress from her job, she started yoga to improve emotionally and physically. Always being passionate about health, wellness, creativity and movements, she fell in love with yoga from the first day. From then on, she became a persevering yoga practitioner and developed on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. At one point, she realized the importance of her practice and stepped forward to become a yoga teacher to inspire and to share her passion and lifestyle with others. She is now pursuing her desire around the world, especially in India.

Combined with her teaching career, she is now aspiring to share her lifestyle and encourage kids, teenagers and adults to be themselves, to find out who they truly are and to follow their dreams through yoga. She believes and encourages others to discover that yoga is a way to live your life wherever you are on your mat or not. Her creative, calm and motivating classes remind you to love yourself and love your life.

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Rishikesh is known as the capital city of yoga in the world canvas, yogic activities are here in the air. Rishikesh is known as the capital city of yoga in the world canvas, yogic activities are here in the air. From yoga practices (in various form) to meditation and other retreats activities make it popular among yoga practitioners.

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