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Enrol to Acro Yoga Classes at Yoga School in Rishikesh

Acro Yoga is referred to as the physical practices which comprise of acrobatics, yoga, and Thai massage. Practicing since the early 1900s Acro yoga is an amalgam of Acrobatics and Yoga where one can learn yoga with entertainment. This style of yoga may sometimes lead to injuries as it is much more cogent than the conventional form of yoga.
Acro Yoga is considered to be a path of attaining mental, physical, and health benefits while enjoying the yogic practice. Apart from connecting body, mind, and soul in the basic yoga form, this form of yoga fetches the flexibility and stability. In Acro Yoga, the concentration can be improved by balancing the partner whereas stress can be relieved by massage.
Somewhere on the internet or in the magazine, you had come across the photo of two yogis balancing each other simultaneously. Maybe at that time many of you get confused about their yogic postures and get confused whether this is the part of Yoga or not! Yes, that style of yoga is known as Acro Yoga. Acro Yoga not only renders the benefits of yoga to the learner but also grant their body with the proper flexibility.
Acro Yoga requires flexibility training, strength training, and technique training which is the major factor distinguishing Acro Yoga from the basic yoga forms. Acro Yoga comprises of several elements i.e, Acrobatics, Acrobatics Flying, Static Poses, Yoga, Therapeutics, Pops, and Therapeutic flying. Apart from elements, there are certain roles which are necessary to make a perfect posture.

The primary roles of Acroyoga are:-
  • Base - This includes the person having maximum points of contact with the ground. In this position, a person is lying on the ground with his back touching the ground with both the hands and legs are used for support and stability of flyer. This person mainly contacts with the flyer from the feet (usually placed on flyer's lower abdomen, hips, and groin) and the hands.
  • Flyer - The person in flyer position is elevated off by base from the ground. Flyer generally budge to the series of different dynamic positions and the rest is done by the force of gravity. Flyer must be equipped with proper core strength, balance and confidence to perform the exercise in an adequate manner.
  • Spotter – Spotter is the person who is making sure the safe landing of the flyers in case of any slippage by both of them. His work is to watch the flyer with intense focus and also renders suggestion to the flyers and base to improve their form.
Typical Yoga session comprises of:-
  • A circular ceremony which promotes openness and communication.
  • Make your muscles ready for emphatic exercises ahead.
  • Stretching with your yoga partner to get yourself ready for the Asanas
  • The building of trust between the partners at the time of inversions.
  • Acrobatics and Flying
Acro Yoga Classes at Yoga Capital Rishikesh

One of the amplest destination to learn Acro Yoga is the Yoga Capital of World, Rishikesh. Advantages of Acro Yoga amplifies multiple times in the inartificial and serene environment of Rishikesh. Yoga Capital Rishikesh established as one of the authentic and traditional acro yoga school is one of the booming spots for yoga lovers to learn and perform Acro-yoga. Yoga lovers ranging from newbie to super experienced are guided by our experienced Yoga teacher, Pramod Bhadola and his skilled team by therapeutics, daily pieces of training, meditation and yoga practices and filling this yogic experience with fun, excitement, and joy.

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Rishikesh is known as the capital city of yoga in the world canvas, yogic activities are here in the air. Rishikesh is known as the capital city of yoga in the world canvas, yogic activities are here in the air. From yoga practices (in various form) to meditation and other retreats activities make it popular among yoga practitioners.

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