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Yoga Capital Rishikesh - A Premier Yoga Center in Rishikesh

Yoga. Movement. Understanding.

These are the words that define the spirit of Yoga Capital Rishikesh.

Yoga Capital Rishikesh is a new yoga center located in Rishikesh. This spiritual city is a peaceful scene surrounds with green mountains and sacred Ganga river. Yoga Capital Rishikesh offers various drop-in classes such as meditation, Hatha, Ashtanga, Iyengar and Vinyasa flow. Classical or modern our classes are a way to connect with your physical, mental and spiritual body. Daily classes is a way to evacuate stress and strengthen your practice. Moreover, each of our classes are an opportunity to connect with your inner self and to learn how to live in the present moment.
Futhermore, Yoga Capital Rishikesh offers philosophy, anatomy and physiology and yoga therapy classes.
Beyong all, the main goal of the center is to develop the awareness and understanding of the body and to keep the yogic traditions alive.

yoga classes @ Yoga Capital Rishikesh

Meditation: The focus

Seeking for calm, focus and awareness, meditation is a way to reduce stress. Meditation leads to a better understanding of your mental body and cultivates the clarity of the mind.
Classes include meditations instructions and guided meditations.

Hatha Yoga: The classical

One pose at the time, Hatha harmonize the masculine and feminine energy on a physical, mental and emotional level. Favourable for beginners, Hatha yoga classes are perfect to get familiar with the different asana or to deepen the practice.
The practice increase the strength of the body, articulations and bones.

Ashtanga Yoga: The dynamic

Dynamic, Ashtanga is a way to detox the physical, mental and emotional body. The practice is a repetition of asana that we call series. Ashtanga is an intensive practice for advance or for those who are looking to increase the strength of the body. Moreover, the sequence.

Iyengar: The understanding

Understanding, breath, movement, alignment and props are the important values of the method. The gradual and methodical practice of Iyengar will increase the knowing of the body and mind.

Vinyasa flow: The yogic dance

Free, dynamic, fluid and creative this modern yoga synchronize the movement with the breath. The body and the breath become one throughout the different asana sequences. This harmonisation purifies the body.
Warming the body, the blood becomes more clear and fluid and stimulate the blood circulation. The dynamic practice helps releasing stress, tensions and toxins.

About Us

Rishikesh is known as the capital city of yoga in the world canvas, yogic activities are here in the air. Rishikesh is known as the capital city of yoga in the world canvas, yogic activities are here in the air. From yoga practices (in various form) to meditation and other retreats activities make it popular among yoga practitioners.

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