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Yoga Classes in Delhi India

From Yoga Capital to Yoga in the Capital

Yoga is away from all the boundaries. That is why we make sure that our spiritual practice can be taken by anyone. Yoga Capital Rishikesh conducts yoga classes in Rishikesh. Keeping in mind the restrictions of Covid, we even conduct offline classes so that everyone learns the divinity of yoga.

But as we all know, many prefer to take offline yoga classes. We start to expand our yoga network with the National Capital of India, "Delhi". Being the capital of the country, there are many modes to reach the city. So, we thought it will be easy for all yoga lovers to easily reach the city and join the yoga class.

Yoga Capital Rishikesh starts its classes in Delhi along with Rishikesh. We conduct all styles of yoga along with yoga courses, classes and programs. Our yoga school is a precious amalgamation of yoga philosophy and scientific knowledge. The divine platform conducts beginner, intermediate and advanced yoga classes, yoga retreats, and yoga sessions at our renowned yoga centre. The yoga classes are conducted in both, online and offline modes.

Our aim is to spread the spiritual knowledge and practice of yoga and meditation. We, at our yoga school in Delhi, nurture people to grow confidently, physically, mentally and spiritually. The teachers at our centre are well professional holding years of experience in this field. The classes are conducted on anatomy, sequencing, alignment, asanas, meditation, and mantra chanting.

We are happy to open our Yoga Teacher Training Course for students in our yoga school in Delhi. Anyone holding a keen interest in yoga can come to our school and take the immense benefits of yoga and spiritual practice. Keeping in mind the current covid crisis, we are also available for yoga aspirants.

Without the second thought, come visit our yoga school in Delhi and take the benefit of yoga and meditation with yoga courses and programs conducted by our yoga school.
About Us

Rishikesh is known as the capital city of yoga in the world canvas, yogic activities are here in the air. Rishikesh is known as the capital city of yoga in the world canvas, yogic activities are here in the air. From yoga practices (in various form) to meditation and other retreats activities make it popular among yoga practitioners.

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