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Yoga Retreat in the Himalayas, at Rishikesh India


A spiritual retreat in the lap of Himalayan, on the bank of Holy River Ganga, while admiring the true beauty of nature, is one of the best ways to rejuvenate your life. We offer you a complete yogic lifestyle retreat truly inspired by the Sacred Holy Book Bhagavad Gita.

Nowadays, people are getting depressed with the busy and tensed lifestyle and are suffering from mental and emotional trauma. They are chasing mental peace and emotional stability. The Yogic Retreat program is devised with the objective to bring peace and happiness into lives.

It is a well-known fact that ancient lifestyle was better than present day’s and it has become the key to gain peace and stability in life. The program truly guides us to opt for the practices and therapies based on the ancient yogic lifestyle that is perfect to rejuvenate the mind, soul, and body. The 7 days program includes Daily Yoga Practices, Pranayama, Kirtan, Meditation, Satsang, Fire Ceremony, and others.


Other than daily yoga and meditation practices, we also offer an amiable, safe, peaceful, and hygienic environment that will enhance the rejuvenation retreat program up to the greatest extent. We take special care of the food that will be served and only fresh and ayurvedic food is prepared in a well hygienic kitchen that helps to purify your body along with mind and soul.

If you are looking to get away from the hustle of the city and recharge your mind and body, then Spiritual Life Home can be your perfect destination to fill your heart with freshness and inspiration. This spiritual retreat in the lap of nature will surely fill your mind and body with great passion and energy.

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About Us

Rishikesh is known as the capital city of yoga in the world canvas, yogic activities are here in the air. Rishikesh is known as the capital city of yoga in the world canvas, yogic activities are here in the air. From yoga practices (in various form) to meditation and other retreats activities make it popular among yoga practitioners.

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